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Official release of ZGC innovation FOF

2019-10-2533 ViewsAuthor:ZGC Forum

On the afternoon of October 17, ZGC innovation FOF was officially released at the ZGC Forum 2019.

ZGC innovation FOF was launched by nine leaders, including Song Jun, member of the Standing Committee and the CPC leadership group and the Secretariat of the CPC Committee of the China Association for Science and Technology, Zhai Lixin, director of the Management Committee of Zhongguancun, Zhao Changshan, chairman of ZGC Group, Chen Chunyan, secretary general of Asset Management Association of China, Huang Baoxin, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of Ping An Insurance Group of China, Wang Wenyin, chairman of the board of directors of Amer International Group, Yu Zhaohui, president of Zhujiang Technology Group, Feng Lihua, vice president of Bank of Beijing, and Jia Yiwei, chairman of the board of directors ZGC Capital. The scene was witnessed by top global investors and famous entrepreneurs from China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, France, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, etc.

ZGC innovation FOF is led by ZGC Capital, an investment platform subordinate to ZGC Group, and jointly established by domestic and foreign social capital, industrial capital and technological capital. This FOF is composed of ZGC Development and Innovation Fund (RMB 20 billion) and ZGC International Innovation Fund (US$ 2 billion), with a total size expected to exceed RMB 30 billion. This FOF will focus its investment on the transformation of major scientific and technological achievements, incubation of high-tech industries, construction of scientific and technological service platforms and construction of innovation carriers. According to different growth stages of enterprises, it will build a fund ecological system from Angel, Venture to Merger to provide continuous “Patient Capital” support for innovative entrepreneurs. At the same time, ZGC innovation FOF will implement Zhongguancun’s strategy of globalization development, promote the service of Zhongguancun enterprises to carry out overseas business, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, overseas listing, and create a new ecology of scientific and technological services with Zhongguancun characteristics. In the future, ZGC innovation FOF will make an innovation of the linkage form of parent-subsidiary fund through cooperation with domestic and overseas head funds, give full play to Zhongguancun’s advantages in market allocation of resources, link up global resources, and build a global innovation network.

Zhao Changshan, chairman of ZGC Group, said that the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are accelerating, and the world is reconstructing its innovation map and economic structure. Facing the fierce competition among countries in the world in independent innovation of core technologies, ZGC Group initiated the establishment of ZGC innovation FOF to guide and promote the integration of “Patient Capital” into the general trend of scientific and technological innovation, and to promote the capital market to establish a new type of long-term stable cooperative relationship with frontier science and technology, future industries and real economy, thus adding sustained impetus to scientific and technological innovation.

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