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Parallel Forum|Scientific and Technological Innovation and Cooperation of Global Academicians

2019-10-2532 ViewsAuthor:ZGC Forum

On the morning of Oct. 16, 2019 Zhongguancun Forum "Scientific and Technological Innovation and Cooperation of Global Academician" parallel forum was held at Meeting Center of Zhongguancun Exhibition Center. 33 academicians from 11 countries including the United State, Canada, Britain, France, Japan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, New Zealand, South Africa and China, and more than 210 people from all walks of life at home and abroad participated in the forum.

The forum was sponsored by Beijing Personnel Bureau, Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park, Haidian District People's Government and Zhongguancun Development Group and undertaken by Beijing Global Talent Exchange Association, Global Talent Network and Zhongguancun Haidian Park Entrepreneurship Service Center, receiving support from some oversea organizations. The forum aims to promote exchange cooperation of international high-end talents, especially global academicians and help the construction of Beijing Science and Technology Innovation Center and International Communication Center. Through careful organization, try to make the forum a feast for the exchange of ideas among global scientists and a win-win platform for cooperation between all parties at home and abroad.

 The forum is divided into five links: speeches from guest leaders, tenet speech, summit dialogue, signing ceremony of key projects and releasing of academicians' achievements. Wang Minglan, Deputy General Manager of Zhongguancun Development Group, presided over the opening. In speeches from guest leaders, Ma Junru, former Director of State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs, academician of International Eurasian Academy of Sciences and Vice President of Chinese Science Center of International Eurasian Academy of Sciences and Gui Sheng, Director General of Beijing Personnel Bureau, delivered a speech.

The tenet speech link was presided over by Luo Qi, chartered academician of British Royal Institute of Logistics and Transport, and overseas senior expert of Beijing Global Talent Exchange Association, focusing on the theme "New Trend of Global Scientific and Technological Innovation". Anton·Krivtsov, Co-Chairman of International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Eric Maurice André LEROY, academician of French National Academy of Medical Sciences, French Veterinary College and professor of Paris-Sorbonne University, Wu Ke, academician of Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences and the Royal Canadian Academy of Engineering, member of IEEE and lifetime professor of Department of Electrical Engineering of Faculty of Engineering, University of Montreal, Canada, respectively made a speech in frontier development of professional fields.

The summit dialogue link was presided over by Lan Yubin, Academician of European Academy of Sciences, Foreign Academician of Georgia National Academy of Sciences and specially appointed expert, focusing on topic "Scientists from all countries should strengthen exchanges and cooperation with China". Six academicians had splendid dialogue, including Akira Fujishima, Foreign Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician of European Academy of Sciences, Honorary Professor of University of Tokyo and Former President of Tokyo University of Science, Gao Wei, Academician of Royal New Zealand Academy of Sciences and Royal Academy of Engineering and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering of University of Auckland, Yuri Vasilyev, Academician of Russian Academy of Transportation Sciences and Professor of the Moscow Automobile and Road Construction University, Alexei Petrovich, Academician of Belarus National Academy of Sciences and CEO of Belarus Optoelectronic Group, Ivan Chervonyi, Academician of Ukrainian Academy of Engineering, Ukrainian Academy of Higher Education, International Academy of Scientific Discovery and Invention Authors, Professor of Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy and Director of Nonferrous Metallurgy Laboratory, and Diana Hildebrandt, Academician of Royal South African Academy of Sciences, South African Academy of Sciences and Academy of Arts and Sciences, Director of Institute of Materials and Process Engineering, University of South Africa, and Director of South African National Energy Development Institute.

The dialogue totally includes three parts: Global scientists should enhance exchanges and mutual learning, and jointly promote scientific and technological innovation and cooperation. Promote the application of technological achievements for the greater benefit of mankind. Explore and promote exchanges and cooperation with China. The open China is full of vitality. Welcome scientists from all countries to cooperating in various forms and create conditions for experts from all countries to come and show their wisdom and realize their "Chinese dream".

In key projects signing link, some important cooperation projects were published or signed at site, respectively: Launching ceremony for "Zhongguancun Science City International Talents Harbor and Overseas Academician Innovation Center"; Zhongguancun Haidian Park Business Incubation Center and Beijing Global Talent Exchange Association jointly build "Zhongguancun Science City International Talents Harbor and Overseas Academician Innovation Center"; Beijing Global Talent Exchange Association and Russia Sino-Russian Cultural Cooperation and Development Center jointly build "Russian Academician Chinese Exchange Center"; Global Talent Network and Ukraine-China Silk Road Center and Ukraine Globe Technology Development Co., Ltd. jointly build "Ukrainian Academician Chinese Cooperation Center"; Global Talent Network and French Association for Advanced Talents sign "Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Introducing French High-level Talents"; Alexander Ryzhkov, academician of Ukrainian Academy of Marine Sciences and visiting professor of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv; Andre Buketov, academician of Ukrainian Academy of Transport Sciences and professor of Computer Integrated Technology, and Ned barlow Alexander, academician of Ukrainian Academy of Marine Sciences and researcher of Institute of Technical Thermophysics, Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences; Three foreign academicians signed a contract to settle in Haidian Park, Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, which made the largest number of foreign academicians settling in China at one time, reflecting Beijing's good environment for international talent entrepreneurship and development and the forum activity's characteristics of promoting cooperation and highlighting effectiveness.

In the releasing of academicians' achievements link, over 20 academicians released their new scientific and technological achievements on the spot and in the afternoon. Later, academicians attending the forum will communicate with relevant universities, institutions and enterprises, so as to promote more academicians' cooperation and share more scientific and technological achievements.

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