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Parallel Forum|Patient Capital "Financing" Everything and Future Industry Investment

2019-10-2539 ViewsAuthor:ZGC Forum

Zhongguancun is not the silicon valley of China! It's Zhongguancun of the world!!

In the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, innovation becomes the first driving force leading development. Founded in 2007, with the permanent theme of "innovation and development", ZGC Forum aims to serve the innovation-driven development strategy of the country, always grasp the pulse of the times, and build a global, comprehensive and open high-end international forum of scientific and technological innovation for innovation and entrepreneurship subjects from a global perspective.

As the name card of Beijing science leading, finance boosting and enterprise innovation, 2019 ZGC Forum is themed as "Cutting-edge technology and future industry" and composed of the opening ceremony forum + 18 parallel forums, gathering global top-level scientists, top entrepreneurs and top investors for wisdom collision. It's expected that averagely 1,200 high-level talents will attend the forum every day.

On the morning of Oct. 17, presided over by Beijing leaders, the opening ceremony of 2019 Zhongguancun Forum was held at A101 Yihe Hall, Meeting Center, Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone Exhibition Center. On the afternoon of Oct. 17, guests with global assets scale over 20 trillion yuan gathered in Yihe Hall and launched Patient Capital "Financing" Everything---Future Industry Investment Theme Forum!

Future industry investment theme forum is one of the most important parallel forums of ZGC Forum. It's the only investment forum led by Zhongguancun Development Group and jointly sponsored by Asset Management Association of China, Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park and Beijing Science and Technology Innovation Investment Management Co., Ltd. As the most important vane of global future industrial investment, it receives great attention.

The forum had 4 agendas including leader's speech, keynote speech, release and round table dialogue. Zhao Changshan, Chairman of Zhongguancun Development Group and Zhongguancun Venture Capital and Private Equity Association, Chen Chunyan, Secretary General of Asset Management Association of China and Liu Liange, Chairman of Bank of China made a speech. Song Jun, Deputy Director of ZGC Forum Organization Committee, Member, Party Member and Secretary of the Standing Committee of China Association for Science and Technology, Zhai Lixin, Director of Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park, Chen Wei, Deputy Director of Equity Assets Department of National Council for Social Security Fund, global top investors and famous entrepreneurs from China, the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, France, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, etc. attended the forum. This forum was supported by cooperation partners including Tsinghua Unigroup, Beijing Branch of China Zheshang Bank, Beijing Haidian Subbranch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of Beijing and Yonyou Group.

In the keynote speech and round table dialogue link, several special guests discussed the globalization innovation and high quality, discussed and shared views from the aspects of scientific and technological innovation and future industry investment, industry development trend, actively promoting the regional industry capital to build global responsibilities in China and the global investment relationship network, advocating building ecological environment of long-term investments, capturing the domestic or foreign capital trading opportunities, trends and challenges.

At the activity site, Zhongguancun Innovation Fund of Funds was released. Zhongguancun Innovation Fund of Funds was led by Zhongguancun Capital, the investment platform of Zhongguancun Development Group, and jointly initiated and established with domestic and foreign industrial capital, financial capital and technical capital. It mainly focuses on investment in the fields of transformation of major scientific and technological achievements, incubation of high-precision industries, construction of scientific and technological service platforms and construction of innovation carriers. It is reported that Zhongguancun innovation fund consists of the "Zhongguancun innovation and development fund" with a total scale of RMB 20 billion and "Zhongguancun international innovation fund" with a total scale of more than RMB 30 billion.

As the annual feast of ideas and innovation exchange highland, future industry investment theme forum in this year made fruitful achievements. Consensus keywords such as building a global network of responsible investment relationships, jointly building an industrial innovation ecology, globalization opportunities, patient capital, and putting more emphasis on hard and core science and technology appeared frequently, many organizations reached the intention of future cooperation and exchange, presenting the feature of "one main line and 5 highlights".

I. One main line: summit dialogue with many guests (in no particular order)

Jia Yiwei, Chairman of Zhongguancun Capital and President of Zhongguancun Angel Investment Alliance; Yu Chaohui, President of Zhujiang Chilink Technology Group, Feng Lihua, Vice President of Bank of Beijing, Ding Wei, Chairman of CICC Capital and Chairman of Zhongjin Qiyuan National Emerging Industry Venture Investment Guidance Fund; Ibrahim Ajami, Principal of UAE Abu Dhabi Mubadala Venture Capital Fund; Wang Wenyin, member of the national committee of CPPCC and President of Board of Directors of Amer International Group; Huang Baoxin, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Ping'an Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd.; Hatano Mitsuhiko, Director of Global Multinational Enterprise Department of Mizuho Bank; Liu Kefeng, President of Beijing Science and Technology Innovation Investment Management Co., Ltd.; Deng Feng, Founder, Director and General Manager of Northern Light Venture Capital; Li Zhu, Founding Partner of Inno Angel Fund; Sheng Xitai, Founder of Aplus Fund and President of Aplus Capital Holding; Shi Wenbin, General Manager of Institution of Beijing Branch of China Zheshang Bank; Lang Yongchun, Former Anchor of CCTV-News, Chief Strategic Officer and Senior Vice President of Zhaogang.com; Wang Feng, Founding Partner and General Manager of Yonyou Industrial Investment; Zhang Zhen, Founding Partner of Gaorong Capital; Qin Jun, Founder and Chairman of Junzi Capital; Wang Ge, Managing Partner of Cash Capital; Niu Kuiguang, Partner of IDG Capital; Bao Jie, Founder of Core Horizon (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.; Zhang Lu, Founding Partner of American Fusion Fund; Amir Gal Or, Founder and Managing Partner of Israel Infinity Group; Oliver Borrmann, Founder and Executive Partner of Germany bmp Ventures AG; Angelica Anton, Founder and Managing Partner of Silk Ventures; Stephen Page, Founder and CEO of Startup Funding Club; and Ge Xin, Former Finance and Economy Host of Phoenix TV and co-founder of 1003POLO.

II. Five attractive highlights

1. Jointly build patient capital industry innovation ecology

Leading government departments, well-known institutional investors at home and abroad, high-tech enterprise executives, industry experts, media guests, etc. jointly analyzed the real situation of the industry and put forward suggestions and industry advocacy for building patient capital industry innovation ecology from the actual experience in many years;

2. Keep insight into global scientific and technological innovation trends

Global top investors and famous entrepreneurs from the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, France, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, etc. come all the way to discuss ways of international innovation cooperation, further study the global generality and regional individuality of future industrial investment, grasp the track of global capital trends, and have an insight into the opportunities of science and technology investment from a global perspective;

3. Grab industry investment and achieve accurate and efficient capital docking

To promote the highly matching and efficient connection between science and innovation industry and capital, this forum will introduce the big era and small trend of the integration of production and investment to the participants in the form of speech, discussion and sharing, and strive for the investment in industry to realize accurate and efficient capital docking;

4. Help entrepreneurs know themselves and competitors as well as financing focus early

As per international highest standard and Chinese consensus on hard and core technology development, it takes ten years of hard work. As investment hunters, equity fund investors in the first line have in-depth insight on what kind of projects they favor, what is the underlying logic of investment judgment, to help entrepreneurs know themselves and their competitors.

5. Meet with 500+ high-level talents and expand the business circle of friends

500+ high-level talents gathered in the future city, listened to the speeches of the great masters, participated in the discussion with guests, met venture capital idols by chance, got acquainted with business confidants, explored the secret of the future development of innovative technology, and expanded the circle of friends on the road of business.

Based on Zhongguancun, keep insight into new global trends! Patient Capital "Financing" Everything---Future Industry Investment Forum takes the summit as an opportunity to gather industry leading forces, capture the global future industry investment opportunities and invite you to witness a powerful burst of potential energy.

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