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Parallel forum | AI World Conference– AI Power Reboot Future

2019-10-2528 ViewsAuthor:ZGC Forum

The AI World 2019 Conference was successfully held in Zhongguancun Exhibition Center with the theme of “AI Power Reboot Future” on October 18th. The conference was co-sponsored by the Haidian District Government and the Administrative Commission of Zhongguancun Science Park and undertaken by AI Era, the Haidian Park Administrative Committee and the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence.

Yu Jun, party secretary of Haidian District Committee attended the conference and delivered a speech. He said that this AI World Conference is the top-level event in the field of global AI and this year was the fourth session. The topic of this conference was “Grasp the opportunity of leapfrog development of AI, promote the AI cross-border integration and build the excellent AI innovation ecology”. As the host of this forum, Haidian is the core area of both National Science and Technology Innovation Center and ZGC National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, and now is making efforts to build the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park. Haidian has become the gathering highland of global top AI talents and elements now. Haidian has become the developing highland of global AI technological innovation and industry. Haidian has also become the demonstrating highland of AI application.

Yu Jun pointed out, during the three-day meeting period, it’s a whole day that is spent holding AI parallel forum. It means that Haidian should earnestly shoulder the responsibility of the global AI innovation highland and give full play to regional advantages to build an open platform for gathering top scientists, entrepreneurs and professionals in the field of global AI, promoting the exchange of ideas and technologies and cross-border integration, promoting the rapid, healthy and sustainable development of the field of global AI, and making AI better benefit all mankind He hopes that attendees will make full use of the platform to jointly discuss the source innovation of AI and conduct in-depth discussions on the basic theories of AI, deep learning algorithm and open-source framework. Jointly focus on the AI innovation of “Core technology”, promote the innovation breakthroughs of artificial intelligence chip software and tool chain, intelligent sensor and other underlying hardware. Jointly promote the cross-border integration and innovation of AI, promote the upgrading of traditional industries through the integration of AI industry and traditional industries, and promote cross-border exchanges between artificial intelligence and other emerging fields to generate new forms of business and new economy. Jointly exchange and collide with each other on more topics such as AI ethics and safety specification, and promote the building of an open-source and open global AI innovation ecosystem.

The conference invited Yang Jing, AI Era Founder & CEO; Hu Yu, Rotary President of iFLYTEK; Wang Yongdong, Microsoft Corporate Vice President; Wang Chenglu, President of Software Engineering Department Huawei Consumer Business Group; Song Jiqiang, Director of Intel China Research Institute; Sun Jian, Chief Scientist of Megvii & Scholar of BAAI; Ye Jieping, Vice President of Didi & Head of AI Labs; Zhang Zheng, President of AWS Shanghai AI Research Institute; Yan Shuicheng, YITU CTO; Huang Chang, Co-founder & Vice President of Horizon Robotics; Huang Chao, Founder and CEO of Autowise.ai, etc to Zhongguancun Forum, rebooting the AI future full of innovation and energy.

Adhering to the principle of openness and inclusiveness, this conference specially invited many executives of international top AI giants to attend and share, including: technology giant Microsoft, with trillion dollar market value based on AI core power and cloud intelligence enterprise-service; Intel, the world's largest manufacturer of components and CPU for personal computers; AWS, the most comprehensive and widely used cloud service platform in the world, etc.

Representatives of China’s global technology giants including Huawei, iFLYTEK who have conquered the market with their core power of AI technology acted as heavy speakers; technology masters of AI unicorns such as Megvii, YITU, and Horizon Roboticas also brought wonderful frontier share.

Hu Yu

In today’s AI World 2019 Conference, Hu Yu, Rotary President of iFLYTEK showed us the strengths of iFLYTEK in AI technology. As a core technology innovation company, iFLYTEK keeps its original intention to continuously invest in technology innovation and aims to be the first in the world. In 2018 alone, iFLYTEK won 12 world first prizes in international competitions in machine reading comprehension, automatic driving, voice recognition and other fields.

Wang Chenglu

Wang Chenglu, President of Software Engineering Department Huawei Consumer Business Group elaborated on how Huawei’s distributed AI reconstructed the end-to-side AI experience with the topic of “Future-Oriented Distributed AI”. Wang Chenglu said, “By the year 2025, there will be an average of 9.27 IoT devices per person, and the future experience innovation will centre on the whole IoT scene.” But the existing framework cannot support future-oriented business development, and this is where distributed technology comes into play. If the collaboration and ecological sharing of the whole scene cross-device can be solved well, it will certainly bring huge imagination space to the future intelligent multi-device business experience.

Wang Yongdong

 Wang Yongdong, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, STC Asia, CTO Asia Pacific R&D Group shared the Microsoft’s experience in building the ecosystem. He said that though AI technology develops rapidly and applications begin to fall into place now, there’s still a long way to go. He highlighted Microsoft's development for AI in the Chinese market: Microsoft Azure cloud currently covers more than 50 regions around the world; and through cloud and edge, Microsoft is using AI for business.

As the world's largest chip manufacturer, Intel has been at the forefront of ecological building. Starting from July in this year, AI Era joined Intel to build the "AI practitioner alliance" WeChat group, where thousands of AI data scientists, application developers, research scholars and AI enthusiasts gather to have in-depth discussions about the core elements to become the top data scientists and AI experts. AI computing enters into the era of super heterogeneous technology public class lectured by Song Jiqiang, Director of Intel China Resecrch Institute, achieved a historic breakthrough of 20,000 + clicks on the day of its launch.

Song Jiqiang

Song Jiqiang gathered the attendees to “Explore the Boundaries of Intelligence” In his speech, Song Jiqiang said that cognitive ability, learning ability and the ability to deal with uncertainty are the three factors that currently determine the development of machine intelligence. With the aid of multi-mode integration and knowledge graph, the cognitive level of machine intelligence has realized the transition from "recognition" to "understanding", and the great potential of imitation learning + reinforcement learning will bring revolutionary breakthroughs to the fields of robotics, automatic driving and human-computer interaction.

Sun Jian

Sun Jian, Chief Scientist of Megvii, Dean of Megvii Research Institute, Dean of AI Institute of Xi’an Jiaotong University made a speech in the conference with the topic of Deep Learning Revolutionizes Visual Computing Sun Jian thought how to teach machines to observe the world like human is the ultimate goal of computer visual research. On the way towards this goal, the birth of deep convolutional neural network in 2012 is an important milestone. Subsequently, the scale and depth of the network continued to evolve. In 2015, ResNet emerged, and the number of layers of the deep neural network reached 152.

Ye Jieping

Ye Jieping, Vice President of Didi and Head of AI Labs introduced the opportunities and challenges that AI technology and its application bring to the travel field based on the actual experience of Didi. The huge data volume of Didi is also the cornerstone of its AI capability, which has formed a huge AI ecology including intelligent transportation, intelligent vehicles, intelligent operation, travel safety, map, intelligent customer service and AI enabling society.

Zhang Zheng, President of AWS Shanghai AI Research Institute shared Exploring the World if AI with Deep Graph He introduced us to DGL, an open-source platform designed to accelerate research in this emerging field. The platform concept is to support graphs as core abstractions, with care to maintain compatibility forward (support new research ideas) and backward (integrate with existing components). DGL supports arbitrary message processing and mutation operators, has flexible propagation rules, and its framework is unknowable so as to take advantage of high performance tensors, autograd operations, and other feature extraction modules already available in existing framework.

Yan Shuicheng, YITU CTO delivered a speech with the title of “Three Element of AI: Revisited”. In his opinion, after nearly four years of rapid development, the essence of three elements (algorithm, computing power and data) of AI is quietly changing. The core of AI is gradually shifting from the high precision of model training to the high efficiency of model-based reasoning. On the other hand, the amount of data available for real scenes is increasing. Centering on the “Visual computing - national open innovation platform for Next Generation Artificial Intelligence” built by the Ministry of Science and Technology and undertaken by YITU, he introduced the value of AI chips and AI algorithms, namely computing power and algorithms, to optimize and customize each other.

Huang Chang, Co-founder & Vice President of Horizon Robotics, shared how “Software and Hardware Combination to Create Efficient and Open Edge AI Chip”. He said that: with the commercial use of 5G, the capacity expansion of terminal access network is great, and the real-time requirement is further improved. However, due to the high cost and large delay of capacity expansion of backbone network, data barrier lake is formed on the edge, so edge computing is necessary. Horizon Robotics focuses on edge computing, and uses the development trend of key algorithms in future important application scenarios to guide the framework design of AI chips, with first priority on efficiency and then flexibility. Moreover, Horizon Open Explorer (Horizon Robotics “Exploitation of the Works of Nature”), a self-developed tool chain, is also provided to open up enabling partners and build an era of inclusive AI.

Huang Chao, Founder and CEO of Autowise.ai, shared the theme of “For Relieving Anxiety, Unmanned Commercialization is Going on”. He said frankly, Strong as Google, it has not been commercialized in a real sense. At present, a lot of money is pouring in, the return is far away, and the industry is close to crazy. However, in terms of technology level, through the customization of the scene, automatic driving has been put into practical use in the case of some fixed lines and low speed conditions. If it can be combined with commercial value and has considerable market space, it can gradually promote the commercialization of automatic driving in this field. Huang Chao shared the commercialization experience of autowise.ai on the spot.

The 2019 AI Era innovation Awards were released on the conference and five representative enterprises were selected for publicity, including: TSING MICRO, Jeejio, Lynxi, InnoMem and HoloMatic.

In addition, Yang Jing of AI Era, Yu Jun, party secretary of Haidian District Committee, Li Junjie, standing committee member of Haidian District Committee & deputy head of the Haidian District People's Government, Gu Chong, President of Posts & Telecom Press, Hu Yu, Rotary President of iFLYTEK, Wang Chenglu, President of Software Engineering Department Huawei Consumer Business Group, Ye Jieping, Vice President of Didi and Head of AI Labs, Song Jiqiang, Director of Intel China Research Institute and other heavy guests released the Book Knowledgeable: Artificial Intelligence on Its Way in China, which is the gift to the 70th anniversary and a key publication in 2019.

As the gift to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC, the Book Knowledgeable: Artificial Intelligence on Its Way in China was written by AI Era upon the invitation of Posts & Telecom Press. It is written by Yang Jing, founder & CEO of AI Era, and is one of the volumes of "Science and Technology Changes China" series edited by academician Ni Guangnan. Once the new book was released, it swept through the National Day golden week and ranked Top 5 in the sales list of Jingdong economic new book during the National Day golden week.

Ecology is an important way to promote sustainable development of industry and open sharing of technology. However, there is a lack of ecological communication between domestic and foreign AI enterprises and a lack of convenient communication and interaction bridge between academic and industrial circle, which undoubtedly hinders the integration and opening of AI. In order to build a more effective open communication system for the artificial intelligence industry, an AI open innovation platform of AI Era was released on the spot, giving AI practitioners the opportunity to participate in the construction of the ecological system on an equal footing and share AI dividends.

Currently, AI open innovation platform of AI Era has gathered lots of leaders of industry, academy and research institute, including Jia Yangqing, Zhou Zhihua, Hu Yu, Wang Yongdong, Song Jiqiang, Zhou Bowen, Sun Jian, Yan Shuicheng, Huang Chao, Wang Yu, etc. and become the first ecological community that brings together millions of innovators and developers in AI field. Welcome in!

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