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Focus on future industries, BAIC ROCAR supports 2019 ZGC Forum

2019-10-2527 ViewsAuthor:Penglonghang

The three-day 2019 ZGC Forum was grandly held at the Exhibition Center of ZGC National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone on October 16th. Beijing BAIC ROCAR Automobile Services &Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “BAIC ROCAR”) owns Beijing Penglonghang Auto Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Penglonghang”), which showed up with its good business performance, successful innovation and development and excellent management efficiency, and provided conference major guests with cars to ensure the smooth holding of 2019 ZGC Forum.

Global elite gather to discuss “Cutting Edge Technology & Future Industries”

Since its first launch in 2007, ZGC Forum has continuously innovated concepts and forms to better serve national science and technology and economic development and global innovation and entrepreneurship. It has formed an important communication platform for domestic and foreign scientific and technological circles and industries, and had a huge social influence.

The 2019 ZGC Forum is closely related to the current global hot spot with the topic of “Cutting Edge Technology and Future Industries”, strives to grasp the global innovation trend, keep abreast of innovation and entrepreneurship, jointly studies the future trend of global science and technology, grasps the opportunities for the development of emerging industries and makes efforts to foster new economy and driving force. BAIC ROCAR has successfully become the supporting service unit of ZFC Forum with the permanent theme of "innovation and development" by virtue of years of deep experience in automobile service trade industry, leading professional ability and innovative service spirit of continuous exploration. It’s reported that dozens of well-known scientists, tens of investors, more than 1,000 entrepreneurs and tens of thousands of general public will participate in the forums and exhibitions. During this period, Penglonghang, a member unit of BAIC ROCAR, will undertake the travel service guarantee work for guests, audience and staff, and provide ideal travel experience for guests from 50 countries and regions around the world.

Support 2019 ZGC Forum, BAIC ROCAR shows new ecosystem of integrated services

In addition to ZGC Forum, BAIC ROCAR has also provided service guarantee for national level large-scale events and activities such as the 70th anniversary National Day parade, International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 Beijing, China Automobile Dealers Association annual meeting, and won a good reputation for professional, dedicated and exclusive services.

It is worth mentioning that BAIC ROCAR was also founded in 2007. BAIC ROCAR is the development platform of automobile service trade business of BAIC Group, the integrated service provider of China’s leading automobile industry chain, and is one of the service trade enterprises affiliated to China’s automobile manufacturing group with a relatively complete industrial chain and leading business scale. It has rich offline automobile business scenarios. Through more than ten years of rapid development, BAIC ROCAR formed into eight business segments, including car dealerships, spare parts, logistics, collective purchase, advertising media, parallel import, modification, travel, circular economy, and realized the all-fields coverage of vehicle production link, consumers purchase link, drive links and vehicle processing/recycling links.. Becoming the supporting service unit of 2019 ZGC Forum not only shows the achievements of BAIC ROCAR in constructing the new ecology of automobile service trade industry, but also provides an opportunity for expanding and extending the industrial chain of automobile aftermarket and inject strong endogenous power and lasting driving force to the integration of “Vehicle · People” built by BAIC ROCAR.

Profile of Penglonghang

Penglonghang is the main body of BAIC ROCAR car dealership business. Currently, there are 40 Mercedes-Benz dealerships and 8 Beijing Hyundai & BAIC dealerships in operation, covering 20 provinces and 35 core cities in China. It is one of the top three Mercedes-Benz dealerships in China. In 2018, the sales volume of Mercedes-Benz reached 40,898, with a compound annual growth rate of 57%. Its operation revenue in 2018 reached 17.68 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of 51%.

Penglonghang opened several auto dealerships in Beijing, including Beijing Penglong Xinghui Automotive Sales Service Co., Ltd.(Penglong Xinghui), Beijing Penglong Yijie Automotive Sales Service Co., Ltd.(Penglong Yijie), Beijing Penglong Dadao Automotive Sales Service Co., Ltd.(Penglong Dadao), Beijing Penglong Ruixing Automotive Sales Service Co., Ltd.(Penglong Ruixing), Beijing Yanshenglong Automobile Maintenance Co., Ltd.(Yanshenglong), Beijing Beiqi Pengyuan Automotive Sales Service Co., Ltd.(Beiqi Pengyuan), and formed multidirectional, multi-service auto dealership network layout.

 “Promote quality and efficiency, seek improvement in stability and make innovation in service”, Penglonghang will definitely take “customer first, to meet customer needs” as a guide to action, “improve customer satisfaction” as the direction of efforts, use actual actions to express BAIC ROCAR’s “Vehicle · People” ecological concept to customers and strive to become the national first-class auto dealer group.

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