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Edvard Moser

Laureate of 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

James Demmel

Professor of Berkeley Branch of California University, US; dean of Electronic Engineering & Computer Sciences and director of Computer Science School; achedemician of American Achedemy of Engineering

Amir Gal Or

Founder & Managing Partner of Infinity Group、Chairman of INNONATION

Xiaodong Wang

Director and Investigator of National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing

Assaf Schuster

a faculty member of the Technion Computer Science Department

Shingtung Yau

Professor of Mathematics at Harvard University and ​a Professor of Physics at Harvard University

Shiping Cui

Chairman of the Macau Youth Creation Center

Tianmiao Wang

Doctoral Supervisor of Beihang University, Honorary Director of the Robotics Institute

Weixi Chang

COO of Disheng Technology

Xiaoou Tang

Founder and Chairman of Shangtang Technology

Aaron Guan

Founder of Canada Boko Biological Nanotechnology

Akira FUjishima

Honorary Professor of the University of Tokyo Special University, former President of the Tokyo University of Science, and a foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Alexander Nikolaevich Shiplyuk

Director of the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences

Alvaro Montoya

Founder of Akkadu

Anders Wikström

Phd Innovation and Design, Senior Researcher of RISE (Research Institute of Sweden)

Anton-irzhi Krivtsov

Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Anatolii Orlov

Academician of Ukrainian Academy of Engineering

Andriy Buketov

Professor of Computer-Integrated Technologies, Academician of Lifting and Transport Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, key developer and researcher of Kherson State Maritime Academy

Angelica Anton

Co-founder of SILK Ventures

Biman Liyanage

Co-founder of Wonder Technology


Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, Member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy

Chris Forde

General Manager, Asia Pacific Region & Vice President, Enterprise Architecture The Open Group

Christina Anderskov

Counsellor for Sustainable Urban Development, the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing


Academician of the Engineering Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Higher Education of Ukraine.

Damir Isovic

Dean of Innovation Design & Engineering College of Sweden Melardalen University

David Chaplin

General Manager of Cambridge Science Park Life Science Innovation Hub

David Waite

Foreign Academician of American Science Academy; professor of MIT; assistant dean of Engineering Department of NSW University; vice editor of ES&T; expert of Beijing Haiju Talents

Diane Hilderbrandt

Director of the Centre of Material and Process Synthesis;Head of the South African National Energy Development Institute;Member of the University of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Doo Sik Lee

Founder of IMCLOUD

Ebba Lund


Eiichi Yamamoto

director of JETRO (Beijing Representative Office)’s IPR Department

Emma Hermansson

CEO of Linnaeus University Development AB

Fulco Wjdooge

CEO of Ridder group (Asia)

Gitanjali Sah

Senior expert in strategic planning department of ITU

Glenda Elisabeth Gray

Academician of United States National Academy of Sciences; Academician of Academy of Science of South Africa.

Gunsham Seeborun

the President and founder of FALCON Citizen League

Harish Chandra Shah

President of Nepal China Cultural and Educational Council

Halyna Savina

Academician of Ukraine Academy of Economic Sciences

Harry Moore

Founder of TopTutor

Haruko Yoneyama

Deputy Director of China Research and Sakura Science Center, Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST)

Grant Rodney Philpott

Chief Operating Officer of the European Patent Office (EPO)

Hitoshi SAITO

Deputy President of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)

Indrananda Abeysekera

President of Association for Sri Lanka-China Social & Cultural Cooperation (ASLCSCC);Vice President of the Organization for South Asian Regional Friendship and Cooperation with China (OSARFCC)

Ivan Solovyev

Chief Advisor to the Board of Directors of Just AI

Jean Christophe Laneri

Head of Network Solutions, Ericsson Market Area North East Asia

Jean-Charles Guibert

Senior advisor to the CEO for innovation, Chairman of MINATEC®

Johan Fredrikson

Co-Founder of Amplify Senior Innovation Management Advisor Senior VP of Innovation&Education Senior Consultant, Swedish Innovation Management Association

Johnny Kim

Head of GSMA Northeast Asia Region

Jonathan Woetzel

Senior partner with McKinsey & Company

Kazuki Okimura

Former President, Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST)、Principal Researcher of China Research and Communication Center, JST

Khicheengui Ochirbat

Consultant of National Information Technology Park, NITP Mongolia; Head of Innovation and Startup Club of Mongolian Social Democracy Youth Union

Klymenko Leonid

Academician of Ukrainian academy of Engineering;Rector. Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University


Academician of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Koiwai Masaaki

President of Japanese Organic Agricultural Association of Popularization

Kostromitsky Sergei

Founder and Director of the Republican Science-and-Production Unitary Enterprise“Radio Engineering Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus”

Komlev Vladimir

Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Kuniko Urashima

Deputy Director of Foresight Center

Kotsan Igor

Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Rector of Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University


Academician of the Engineering Academy of Ukraine

Kovalchuk Volodymyr

Member of Engineering Academy of Ukraine


Academician of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,


Academician of the Engineering Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Laura Citron

Chief Executive, London & Partners


Academician of of the French National Academy of Medical Sciences, Ph.D. in Virology, Sorbonne University, Paris.

Yubin Lan

the member of European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Humanities (EASAL), the Foreign Academician of the Georgian National Academy of Science


Academician of Ukrainian Academy of Higher Education

Lhor Stadnyk

Academician of International Academy of Maritime Science, Technology and Innovations


CEO of Nordiq Engineer Consulting Group

Michael S. Mark

Head of research at Nordic Institute


Vice President, Sales & Development, UROS Group,Finland

Munkhsukh Gansukh

Member of the Conference of Mongolian Social Democracy Youth Union

Mordechai Sheves

VP for Technology Transfer- Weizmann Institute of Science Chairman of Yeda LTD.

Nathan Siy

Founder of Evoke Electric Motorcycles

Oleksandr S. Ryzhkov

Academician of Ukrainian Academy of Shipping Sciences,Doctor of Engineering Science, Director of the Ukrainian-Chinese Silk Road Center, Visiting Guest Professor of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev

Oliver Borrmann

Founder and Managing Partner of bmp Ventures AG

Oleksandr Nedbailo

Doctor of Technical Sciences and Academician of Institute of Technical Thermophysics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Oleksandr Sigal

Member of the Academy of Building of Ukraine

Östen Ekengren

Vice President of Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Petro Kulikov

Academician of Ukrainian Academy of Architecture,Vice President

Petrova Zhanna Alexandrovna

Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Philippe Mariani

CSO of Sophia Antipolis Science & Technology Park

Philippe Papaert

Programme Specialist in Natural Sciences


Managing Director of Paris-Saclay Public Authority

Ram Chandra Poudel

Consultant of the Medicinal plants

Raymond Cron

CEO of Switzerland Innovation

Ribina Galina Valentinovna

Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Academician of International Academy of Information,

Rory Landman

Senior Bursar of Trinity College, Cambridge

Rikke Gram-Hansen

Director of Sustainable City Development of NORDIQ-GROUP A/S

Sergiy Bushuyev

Academician of Ukrainian academy of Sciences, New York Academy of Sciences USA, Ukrainian Academy of Architecture,Sant Petersburg Academy of Engineering Science (Russia)

Sergei Borisovich Nesterov

Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Academician of Russian Institute of Metrology

Setha Vaddhana

Deputy Secretary General of Civil Society Alliance Forum (CSAF) of the Office of The Council of Ministers

Shkadarevich Alexey Petrovich

Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Shuli Shwartz

CEO of Technion DRIVE of Israel Institute of Technology

Siyavuya Bulani

Senior Liaison Officer of the Academy of Science of South Africa


Fellow member of The Physiological Society. Doctor of Medical Sciences, State Medical University, Orenburg, Russia. Professor, Head of department at the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology.

Stephen John Lennon

Chairperson of the Board of TIA (Technology Innovation Agency)

Stephen Page

CEO of Startup Funding Club

Stephen Rowan

Vice President of the European Patent Office (EPO)

Steven Bai

CEO of Beijing Fangu Creative Technology

Suraj Ray

Chairperson Mauritius Council of Social Service (MACOSS)

Teslia Iurii

Academician of International Academy of Maritime Science, Technologies and Innovations;Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in science and technology

Thulani Dlamini

Member of the Academy of Science of South Africa; CEO of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR).

Torben Schubert

Scientific researcher at the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI


Academician of Russian Academy of Medicine and Technology

Yoslan Nur

UNESCO Programme Specialist

Stephen Rowan


Vasilyev Alexander

Academician of Russian Academy of Transportation and Russian Academy of Quality

Vasilyev Yury

Academician of Russian Academy of Transportation

Valerii Bykov

Academician of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine

Viktor Morozov

Academician of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences of Shipbuilding

Yossi Dashti

The Technology Transfer Leader of the Yeda-Weizmann Institute of Science

Wei Ding

Member of CICC Management Committee , Head of Investment Management Business, Chairman of CICC Capital and CICC Genesis Fund

Zhifeng Ding

executive president-general and secretary of Beijing Global Talent Exchange Association, chairman of globaltalent.net, expert of international talent exchange

Mingjie Ma

Senior research fellow and Director-General

Junru Ma

Academician of Eurasian International Academy of Sciences; vice chairman of China Scientific Center; former director of National Foreign Expert Bureau; chief senior expert of Beijing Universal Talents Communication Promotion Association

Bin Ma

Vice President of Tencent Holdings

Yang Wan

Assistant Resident Representative and Head of Sustainable Development of United Nations Development Programme China Country Office

Ge Wang

Managing partner of Cash Capital

Yongdong Wang

Microsoft Corporate Vice President, STC Asia CTO, Asia Pacific R&D Group

Li Wang

Chief Global Managing Partner and Director of DeHeng Law Office, Chairman of Belt & Road Service Connections, Director of International Commercial Mediation Center.

Binying Wang

Deputy Director General in responsible for the Brands and Design Sector

Jian Wang

Senior Vice President, UFIDA Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Feng Deng

Founder of Northern Light Venture Capital

Aizhi Fang

Partner and CEO of ZhenFund

Jieping Ye

Vice President of Didi and Head of AI Labs

Zhirong Mao

Managing Director, Head of Mainland Development of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited

Sicheng Lu

Chief Representative of World Wide Fund for Nature Beijing Representative Office

Jinghai Tian

Vice President , Beijing Shuzhi.AI Co., Ltd. President, Beijing Shuzhi Credit Management Co., Ltd.

Qian Shi

the Director General of Shanghai Institute for Science of Science

Yin Qi

Co-founder Chief Executive Officer

Yingbo Fu

President of MEGVII

Jiuyan Cheng

Executive Director of Beijing Equity Exchange Co., LTD.

Guoliang Lyu

the Consultant of WIPO Office in China (WOC), Former Deputy Director of WOC

Wei Lv

Director and Researcher of Techno-Economic Research Department

Benshuai Ruan

CEO of Beijing Biwei Jinggong Technology

Bin Sun

Vice Legal President and Chief Legal Officer at Xiaomi Corporation

Xinkai Zhu

Vice President of Renmin University of China

Jianmin Wu

Member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Huairou Science Town

Kefeng Liu

Chairman of the Beijing Science And Technology Innovation Investment Management Co.LTD Biography

Ke Liu

the Dean of School of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Dean of Clean Energy Institute(Energy-X) of the Southern Univ. of Science & Technology

Xiaopeng Liu

Founder of United AI

Zhaochen Liu

Senior Partner & Managing Director of ChinaEqutiy Group.

Lei Mi

Founding Partner of CASSTAR

Wei Xu

Deputy Director General of Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office

Hequan Wu

an academician of CAE(Chinese Academy of Engineering), is a specialist in optical fiber transport network and broadband information network

Yu Jiang

Chairman of Huatai United Securities Co. LTD

Youzhi Tang

Co-Chair, Canada China Sci-Tech Alliance Review Expert, Ontario Green Fund

Xun Li

Vice President of China Urban Planning and Design Research Institute and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee

Zhijian Li

the Vice President of Guangdong Western-returned Scholars Association, the member and researcher of the Expert Committee of Service Sector, NDRC, and the Director of the Urban Innovation Committee, UCLG.

Zhengfeng Li

Vice dean of School of Social Sciences of Tsinghua University

Geping Li

President of Citic China Securities co., LTD

Ming Li

Chairman of the board , Sino-Ocean Holding Group

Zhu Li

Co-founder of Tiannuo Angel Fund

Chenggui Li

President of Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences

Zhen Li

General Manager of Beijing Ruishen Aviation Technology

ChangWoon Lee

Sweden Envac Regional president of China

Lillian Yang

AI Era Founder & CEO

Yang Lei

Partner of Northern Light VC

Chunhui Yang

the Founder of VisionVera Information Technology Co., Ltd.,

Zhihua Yang

Chief Supervisor of Shenzhen Stoc Exchange

Shiyun Zhang

Director of Beijing Research Center for Science of Science

Gong Zhang

Scientist of American NASA; researcher of San Francisco Environment Research Institute; professor of Utah State University

Hecheng Zhang

Secretary of Party leadership group in CAAS

Yuhang Zhang

Director, Social Credit Department,Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology

Tongxu Zhang

Dean of China Mobile Research Institute

Zhang Chengqi

Vice President of the University of Technology, Sydney, Chairman of the Australian National Committee for Artificial Intelligence

Jingjing Zhang

Partner of KPMG

Yanqing Zhang

Director, Institute of Agricultural Environment and Sustainable Development, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Hanyu Zhang

Director, Credit Inquiry Department of the Business Administration Department of the People's Bank of China

Jian Zhang

Director of Risk Management Department of ZGC Group,Chairman of Beijing Intellectual Property Operations Management Co., Ltd.

Ling Zhang

Co-founder and President of the Sino-Swedish Alumni Network, Deputy Director of Sino-Swedish Innovation Centre

Zhen Zhang

Co-founder of Banyan Capital

Aimin Zhang

Senior Expert of ICBC Beijing Branch

Lu Zhang

Founder of Fusion Fund

Tianshi Chen

Founder and CEO of Beijing Cambricon Company

Chunyan Chen

Secretary-General, Asset Management Association of China

Qing Chen

Vice Chairman of Singapore Exchange Limited-China

Qing Chen

Head of SVB Financial Group-China

Lucheng Chen

Vice President of Haier Smart Home Eco-Platform, Chairman of Haier Khaos IoT Eco-Tech Co., Ltd.

Zhen Chen

CEO of Qfeeltech

Shichun Wu

Co-founder of Meihua Angel Venture Capital

Guangyu Wu

General Manager for China and Hong Kong SAR

Gansha Wu

Cofounder and CEO of Uisee Technology Inc.

Ke Wu

Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE) and Fellow of the Rayal Society of Canada

Chuck Ng

Chairman of Berkeley Global Chinese Alumni Association

Mingang He

General Manager of Beijing Intellectual Property Operations Management Co.ltd

Kai Yu

CEO & Founder of Horizon Robotics

Sha Haijiang

Vice Executive, Haidian District Government

Chaoyong Wang

President of Private Equity Investment Company

Zhenming Wang

Dean of the Cultural & Tourism of Architectural Design Institute of Tsinghua University

Bin Wu

CEO of Infimind

Jinwen Shao

the Vice President and Researcher Professor of Beijing Academy of Science and Technology, the Doctor of Power Machinery Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology

Jianquan Miao

founder and CEO of Beijing Qiancheng Exploration

Zhijian Hu

Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development

Yu Hu

Co-founder and Rotary President of iFLYTEK, President of Consumer Business Group, President of Core R&D Platform

Jingshi Hu

Managing Director, Accenture Strategy Greater China

Zheng Guo

CEO of Daimler Innovation Technology China

Changqing Lin

Chairman of Beijing Hotgen Biotech Co.,Ltd

Zhou Jian

Senior Engineer, Doctor of Tsinghua University

Hui Luo

Director of China Centre for International Science and Technology Exchange

Bowen Zhou

Vice President of JD.com and President of JD AI,Head of JD AI

Jian Zhou

Secretary-general of Zhongguancun Information & Technology and Real Estate Economy Integrative Development League

Yongbin Jin

General Manager of Arm China Ecology, Founder and CEO of OPEN AI LAB

Qinxian Jin

Head of the Office of Technology Transfer of Tsinghua University

Yongchun Lang

Former compere of CCTV; chief strategy officer of Zhaogang Netcom

Hongwei Duan

Chairman, Z-Park Enterprises Credit Promotion Association

Zhiyun Zhao

Secretary of party committee of Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China

Hui Zhao

General manager, Zhicheng Credit Service Co., Ltd.

Qi Luo

Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK

Dongdong He

CEO of ROOTCLOUD Technology Co., Ltd.

Jun Qin

President and founder of Junzi Capital

Hong Xuan

General Manager, Zhongguancun Development Group

Sheng Gui

Vice-President of Organization department of Beijing municipal Party Committee,Director of Beijing Human Resources Bureau, Senior Political division, Assistant researcher.

Gu Qiang

General Manager of Government Affairs Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd.

Guangsheng Guo

President of Beijing Academy of Science and Technology

Zhongxing Xu

President, Zhongguancun Branch,Bank of Beijing

Qiwen Weng

the deputy-director-general level official working in the General Office of the State Council, the Deputy Director of the Z-park Management Committee

Claudia Xv

Chief Commercial Officer of Hong Kong Science Park

Qiang Gu

General Manager of Government Affairs Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd.

Ming Xv

General Manager of the National Equities Exchange and Quotations

Xinxin Gao

Founding Partner and CEO of Jiangmen

Wei Gao

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Auckland, Fellow of the Royal Society NZ and Fellow of Engineering NZ

Si Gao

Head of IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute China Team, General manager of IVL Swedish Environmental Technologies (Beijing) Company Ltd.

Sanwen Huang

Director of Agricultural Genomics Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Chang Huang

Co-founder & Vice President of Horizon Robotics

Libo Huang

Partner of Beijing Cornerstone Venture

Chao Huang

Founder and CEO of Autowise.ai

Cao Zejun

Head of China Strategic and Marketing Department of Huawei

Xitai Sheng

Co-founder of Hongtai Fund

Hongxing Xie

Director of ZhongGuanCunBluetech Clean Air Alliance (BCAA)

Jet Chang

Vice President for Circular Economy Business Development of Tomra Group

Yi Xie

Pacific Director of London Stock Exchange

Xiaoliang Sunney Xie

Internationally renowned biophysical chemist, and the Lee Shau-kee professor of Peking University

Tin Hang Liao

CEO of Open Motors

Xiaoyun Lei

Director of Intellectual Property Application Promotion Department of the State Intellectual Property Office

Chenggang Fu

China Chief Representative, Abu Dhabi Global Market and Financial Services Regulatory Authority

Jun Han

Deputy Chief Evaluator of National Center for Science and Technology Evaluation

Rongping Mu

Secretary of the Party Committee in the Institute of Science Development under Chinese Academy of Sciences

Linglin Wei

Researcher of China Agriculture Academy; vice secretary-general of the 5th Chinese Association of Young Scientists And Technologists

Xuexian Pan

Chief Supervisor of Shanghai Stock Exchange

Zhenjun Yan

Executive President of Capital Institute of Science and Technology Development Strategy

Wei Dai

Assistant President and Business Executive Corporate of Bank of Beijing

More guests are still to be confirmed...

Daqing Mao

Founder and Chairman of Lenovo Group

Chuanzhi Liu

Founder and Chairman of Lenovo Group

Jun Lei

Chairman of Xiaomi Technology

Gang Chen

MIT Soderberg Professor, member of US National Academy of Engineering, fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Yike Guo

Academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Director of the Institute of Data Science Imperial College of Science and Technology

Sean Randolph

Bay Area Council Economic Institute Senior Director former President

Luis Miguel Sanz Irles

Secretary-General of IASP

Sir Peter Bonfield

Chairman of NXP Semiconductor

Barbara Judge

Laureate of Commander Order of the British Empire and former chairman of British Institute of Directors

Bill Ruh

GE Digital CEO

Dr. Carsten Breitfeld

BYTON Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Dr. Daniel Kirchert

BYTON President & Co-Founder

Dacheng Tao

Professor of Computer Science and Inaugural Director of the UBTECH Sydney Artificial Intelligence Centre

Roy Varshavsky

Founder at Green and Gold Analytics (GnG.AI)

Yang Shao

Dawen Sun

Member of Royal Irish Academy Member of Academia Europaea Foreign Member of Polish Academy of Sciences Fellow of International Academy of Food Science and Technology Fellow of International Academy of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Full Member (A

Yi Zhang

Fred Rosen Chair Professor, Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital; Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Edouard Cukierman

Chairman of Cukierman Investment House, and the Founder and Managing Partner of Catalyst Fund.

Aron Balas

Senior Investment Executive J. Rothschild Capital Management Ltd

Zhe Zhang

Assistant General Manager of Zhongguancun Development Group

Junwei Bao

Innovusion Holdings CEO

Ferdinand Tomassini

Daniel J. Morissette

Dignity Health Sr. Executive Vice President Chief Financial Officer

Duncan Turner

SOSV General Partner,HAX Shenzhen Managing Director

Kevin Xu

President/CEO of MEBO International

John Grubb

Bay Area Council COO

Avi Hasson

Stefan W.Hell

Directors of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner

Sir Peter Bonfield CBE

Xiaolan Wang

Executive Deputy Chairman of Zhongguancun Entrepreneur Advisory Committee

Xiaoliang Sunney Xie

Lee Shao-kee Professor, Peking University Director, Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Genomics Director, Biomedical Pioneering Innovation Center,Peking University Member of US National Academy of Sciences Member of US National Academy of Medicine Fo

Richard Burn

U.K. HM Trade Commissioner for China

Xiaochu Wang

former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China, Vice Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the 12th National People’s Congress of China, President of the China Association for Continuing Engineering Education

Jeffrey S. Lehman

President and Professor of New York University Shanghai.

Huilin Xiao

Denis Simon

Executive President and Professor of Duke-Kunshan University.

Ma Kangmei

Former Vice President of China University of Political Science and Law.

Huiyao WANG

Founder and President of Center for China and Globalization (CCG), Vice President of the Western Returned Scholars Association, China State Council Counselor.

Wang Tongxu

Former Director of the Chinese Academy of Personnel Science.

HongJiang Zhang

Venture Partner at Source Code Capital.

Anis Uzzaman

General Partner and CEO of Fenox Venture Capital,Chairman of Startup World Cup

Joanna Bunting

Counsellor, Industry, Innovation and Science Australian Embassy Beijing

Michael Gamber

Director, global innovation center, Merck, Germany

Hong Wah Poon

Project leader of innovation center of Germany Merck group

Vincent Heuveline

Director of IT and artificial intelligence/medicine at Heidelberg university

Didier GUY

Technology Innovation Expert of Expertise France


Deputy Counselor for science and technology Embassy of France in China

Angelica Anton

Founder and Managing Partner of SILK Ventures

Del Christensen

Chief of Global Business Development, Bay Area Council

Bruce Rosen

Dr. Rosen is Professor of Radiology at the Harvard Medical School and Professor of Health Science and Technology at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. He is Director of the Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Ma

Keith Carson

Alameda County Supervisor

Mark Snyder

Vice President, Patent Counsel Qualcomm Incorporated

Graham G Rong

r. Rong is Director of Corporate Relations at MIT.

Eric P. Xing

Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University


Secretary General of International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN) Director of Academy of International Innovation & Strategy Executive Director, China Association for International Science and Technology Cooperation Managing Director, China Science an

Avi Hasson

Chief Scientist of Israel, Prime Minister’s Innovation and Tech Advisor and Chairman of the Israel Innovation Authority (2011-2017)

Peretz Lavie

Technion President Professor at Faculty of Medicine

Ophir Gore

Minister of Commercial Affairs, Israel Embassy to Beijing

Richard Burn

Minister and Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for China, based in the British Embassy, Beijing.

Alan Aubrey

Chief Executive Officer of IP Group plc

Lewis Liu

Investment Director of IP Group, a company listed on the London Stock Exchange; Vice President of the UK Tsinghua Association

Mark Pearson

Managing partner and Founder of Fuel Ventures CEO and founder of Markco Media CEO and founder of Roses by Design Founder of Hackathon London

Jeanette Walker

Mr. Chen Hongbing,

Director WIPO Office in China

Weiru Chen

Alibaba Business School/ Hupan University Professor Cainiao Network Chief Strategy Officer CEIBS Strategy Professor

Chen Wenling

Chen Wenling is a famous economist in China. She is the chief economist and vice director of CCIEE(China Center for Economic Exchanges) and former director of State Council Research Office.

Hong Ding

Professor, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Chief Scientist, Beijing National Laboratory for Condensed Matter Physics;

Du Peng

General Manager Z-Park Street Operation Management Co., Ltd. Vice President Council of Industrial Technology alliances in Z-Park Vice President TUS Holdings

Harris Gao

Special Counsel, Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLp Partner of the Intellectual Property, Business Trial and Corporate Practice Groups in the Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLp 's Shanghai office

Na Guo

Co-Founder & COO of HY Medical Technology Co., Ltd Deputy Director of Cross-strait Tsinghua Research Institute & HY Medical Artificial Intelligent Laboratory Committee Member of TEEC (Tsinghua Entrepreneur and Executive Club) and Young TEEC

Jonathan WOETZEL

Director with McKinsey & Company Director, McKinsey Global Institute Co-Chair, Urban China Initiative

Ling Huang

Machine learning, computer vision and data- driven security Member, Youth Council of the Future Forum

Jia Kang

Member of the National Committee of CPPCC and Member of Subcommittee of Economy, CPPCC; Chief Economist of China Academy of New Supply-side Economics; Ph.D. Advisor and Research Fellow in Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences; Advisor of China Public-Finance

JIN Hainian

PhD of Economics Deputy Secretary-General and  Member of New-Supply-Side Economists 50 forum. Deputy Secretary-General of Green Finance Committee (GFC) of China Society of Finance and Banking. Executive President of Industry Research Institute, Tsinghua

Kong Fanzhong

Tsinghua University / Ph.D. Automotive Technology Center of BAIC Group / Vice President New Technology Institute / President Core member of National Development and Reform Commission “Intelligent Vehicle Innovation Development Strategy” compilation group

Li Ping

Chairman of Kyland Technology Co., Ltd.

Charles Li

Chief Executive Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited

Liang Yongsheng

Director-General of Science, Technology and Innovation Commission of Shenzhen Municipality Director-General of Administration of Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park

Liu Da

Vice Chairman of Zhongguancun Frontier Technology and Industrial Service Alliance Founder and CEO of Beijing Baihui Weikang Technology Co., Ltd. Board of Directors of the “Yi Nuo Qian Jin” Fund Management Committee

Liu Haofei

Founding Partner of Peakview Capital

Liu Yan

Co-founder and CEO of Shengjing Group Executive Director of Shengjing Research Institute

Liu Yong

Dean of Zhongguancun Internet Finance Research Institute, Secretary General of China Internet Finance 30 People Forum (CIF30), Committee Member and Deputy Secretary General of Internet Branch of the Insurance Association of China, Member of the Statistica

Prof. MA Kangmei

Vice President of the China Talent Research Association Professor and Doctoral Supervisor at the College of Marxism of China University of Political Science and Law Expert for Beijing University Party Construction

Miao Xiaobo

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and postdoctor of Finance

Pan Dingguo

Ai Jia Life CEO

Peng Zhiqiang

Chairman of Shengjing Technology Group Dean of Shengjing Research Institute Founding Partner of Peakview Capital

Fei Qin

Director of Cross Faculty Studies and Associate Professor at University of Bath School of Management, United Kingdom.

Qiu wei

UISEE TECHNOLOGIES (BEIJING) LTD. CEIO Member of the committee of experts on information and communication economics, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Shiguang Shan

Professor, ICT CAS Founder, President and CTO, Seeta Technology Inc. Member, Youth Council of the Future Forum

Yigong Shi

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Honorary Foreign Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Foreign Associate of the US National Academy of Sciences Foreign Associate of the European Molecular Biology Organization President and co

Shu Chang

Founder and CEO of Beijing One Space Technology Ltd.

Sun Huifeng

President of Sun Huifeng President of ccid Consulting Co., Ltd.

Wang Chengwen

Tsinghua University, School of Environment, Professor, Researcher, Doctoral Supervisor Director, Environmental Impact Assessment Office, Tsinghua University Beijing Tsinghua Central State Environmental Engineering Design Institute president Vice President

Wang Guangyu

Chairman,China Soft Capital Group (CSC) Dean,China Academy of New Supply-side Enconomics

Wang Jian

Director and General Manager of Great Chinasoft Technology Co.,Ltd Senior Economist

Wang Yongli

PhD in Economics, is Director of Straits Block Chain Research Institute and Director-General of Global Sharing Finance 100 Forum

Wu Handong

WenLan senior Professor of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law,Director of Academic Committeeand Doctorate Candidate Supervisor,Honorary director of Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Sciences established by Ministry of Education, Member of t

Xu Zhongxing

Representative to the People's Congress of Haidian District, Member of Standing Committee of the People's Congress, currently is the Bank President of ZhongGuanCun Branch of Bank of Beijing.

Hong Xuan

Mr. Hong Xuan graduated from the Jilin University, the Economic Research Institute of Renmin University of China, and Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. He holds a master's degree in both economics and business administration.

Yan Yanchun

Shengjing Group Partner, Dean of New Economy +X Research Institute Founder of Fujifilm Holdings (China's first NASDAQ listed software company), Member of China Distribution 30 Member Forum(G30) Author of< the Third Retail Revolution>

Yang Hua

Member of the Party Working Committee of Xi'an hi tech Development Zone and deputy director of the management committee. Director of innovation and Development Bureau of Xi'an hi tech Development Zone

Lillian Yang

AI Era (Founder & CEO)

Yang Shujian

Mr. Yang Shujian is Deputy Party Secretary and President of Bank of Beijing. He is a senior economist and a Doctor in Economics, and serving as Vice President of the Beijing Banking Association.

Yang Xin

Senior Vice President of WTOIP General Manager of HuijuyunEcology Center, Assistant to the Chairman Legal Person and Vice President of Guangzhou BlockchainAssociation

Yang Yanqing

Dr. Yanqing Yang is Deputy Editor-in-Chief of YICAI Newspaper, Managing Director of YICAI Think Tank, host and commentator of YICAI TV, invited senior fellow at National Institute of Finance and Development, CPPCC member of Shanghai. Being a founder of YI

Yao Junhong

Founder and CEO of Zhejiang Dasouche Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.

Yu Lingbing

Founder and CEO of Song Xiaocai, Internet Agriculture Partner. 2017 Hangzhou entrepreneurial characters. Former Taobao.com - General Manager of Food & New Agriculture Industry Founder of Taobao "Special China" project Alisheng fresh pre-sale model pathfin

Zhang Dongning

Mr. Zhang Dongning, Secretary of the CPC Committee of Bank of Beijing, Chairman of the Bank and member of Standing Committee of the 15th Beijing Municipal People’s Congress, holds a Master’s Degree in management from Xiamen University and serves as Deputy

Zhang Qike

Founder and CEO of Beijing Zhongxinyibao Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhang Songgen

ational Ten Thousand People Plan Entrepreneurship Leadership Second prize winner of National Science and Technology Progress Award Chairman, Zhongguancun Medical Devices Industry Technical Innovation Alliance Vice President of Beijing Intelligent Robot In

William Zhao

Founder & CEO of Beijing Zhong Guan Cun Kejin Technology Ltd. Founder & CEO of Mashang Consumer Finance Ltd. Former Vice President & CSO of JD

ZHAO Meisheng

Deputy Director-General the Department of Intellectual Property Promotion and Implement, (CNIPA).

Li Zheng

President, Greater China, NXP Semiconductors Chairman, NXP (China) Management Co., Ltd. Global Senior Vice President, NXP Semiconductors

Kui Zhou

A partner of Sequoia Capital China.


Founder of Tsinghua Science Park Former chairman of the Qidi Holdings Co., Ltd. Tsinghua University professor

Feng Deng

Founding Managing Director of Northern Light Venture Capital Director of Schwarzman College at Tsinghua University Distinguished Visiting Professor of Tsinghua University Board of Directors of Tsinghua University Foundation Honorary Director of West Lake

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Registration Notices

The 2019 ZGC Forum will open the registration window at the first page of official website: http://zgcforum.com/, accepting the registration of people from all walks of society. And the following explanations will be done for this participation of forum:

1. To sign up for the "2019 ZGC Forum", you need to go to the official website of the forum http://zgcforum.com/, click on the forum participation, enter the registration system, complete the registration information and submit it online, wait for the forum organizing committee to review and pay attention to check related notice;

2. The photo of the submitted certificates at registration is for data review only;

3. Try to avoid using QQ mailbox when registering;

4. The Forum Organizing Committee will contact the participants for the specific affairs through email/sms;

5. The forum registration system will open the “Appointment and Discussion” function at the same time. The participants and other participants could match with each other online freely. The forum site will provide place for appointment and discussion;

6. Participants can carry out the on-site check-in by bringing the certificates filled out at registration to the Zhongguancun Exhibition Center from October 15th to 18th, without additional fees, but personal transportation, accommodation and other expenses must be borne by themselves;

7. If you only register online and fail to pass the review by the Forum Organizing Committee, it will be considered as invalid registration;

8. Please contact by 13718579399 for relative registration affairs.

Function of appointment and discussion:

The ZGC Forum will launch a fully new appointment and discussion function in 2019, which enables the participants to freely match and easily connect with each other. After the participants have passed the review, they can send a discussion invitation to the rest of the participants in the registration system. After the two parties reach the discussion intention, they can hold talks in the forum discussion area.

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